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The furniture «Teenager» is some kind of "transition" element that on the one hand shall represent maximum functions and safety and on the other hand it shall be characterized by trends of "young generation".

Teenager furniture shall have a number of distinctive characteristics, namely bright or contrast colors, multiple functions, possibility of further variations.

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Even today SpecMebelTorg Production Company is ready to provide young generation with a creative product - "Teenager".

"Teenager" is fancy furniture for teenagers that turns the room into style-forming element of apartments or house interior design as a whole.

This furniture was represented for the first time ever at VII International Trade Exhibition "EuroExpoMebel-Ural 2012" and it was honored right away with such awards as Laureate Diploma in "Successful debut" nomination, Diploma in "Functionality and quality of children's furniture manufacturing" nomination as well as Certificate of all-Russian competition tryout participant for National award in the field of "Russian cabriole" furniture industrial design.

"Teenager" furniture collection consists of various modular units: bed, wardrobes, clothes cases, table, variety of cabinets, suspended shelves that can be combined together easily. All goods are manufactured from sound materials: cases - laminated chipboard simulating natural wood of EGGER production, faces - up-to-date high-gloss lumber-cored plywood (acrylic lacquer), reliable imported fittings provides each piece of the furniture with required functions - there is everything for ideal and stylish interior creation.

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Offered "Teenager" furniture for the youngsters corresponds to all European standards; it is functional and ever safe and its price is reasonable that is beneficial for a teenager room purchase. Taking your wishes into consideration we have done our best to create stylish, modern and youth furniture for the teenager's room. This is private space of the teenager indeed to be made a point of!

"Teenager" furniture for the youngsters means Style, Fashion and Youth!

SpecMebelTorg Production Company Ltd. offers you to buy the furniture for teenagers at the best prices in Ekaterinburg! Give your teenager a cool gift.

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